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Container candle Cylinder is a perfect-scented candle. This is contemporary and elegant and makes a great gift for yourself or another. Also for decorating your space, either home or business. 


Time for burning: 35-40 h


Possible design:
- Mono color: white, black, gray, beige, blue, light blue, light violet, light pink, light green
- Terrazzo 
- Marble

- Color mix

- Gold/ silver flakes

Container candle Cylinder

  • Volume: 250 ml

    Our candles are made from 100% natural eco soy wax and we only use high quality cotton wick and certificated fragrances. 

    Since our handmade candles are 100% natural soy, we do not add harmful chemicals or preservatives that would normally prevent frosting. You might know this is a 100% soy wax candle because only soy wax will cause bursts of frosted bits. Those appear more manifest on the surface of colored candles. So if you see any of these frostings, you can be certain it’s not a soy blend or paraffin wax, it is that natural soy.

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